Blogs I'm Reading

This is a list of some of scientific computing Blogs i’m finding helpful/interesting at the moment

menugget - R-related tricks and tips from the wonderful Marc at AWI.

HackerNews - the obligatory HackerNews.

SIMPLY STATISTICS - a fun stats resource. - A great resource that shows what’s happening in Python for the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. - a bunch of great plotting examples. - all things LaTeX, “because LaTeX matters”. - the homepage of the wonderful Kay. If you don’t know who she is look here: - the blog of the one and only Bill Mills. If you don’t know him check this out: - My beloved DaSH, where the blog is more of a notice board for cool things happening in Hobart. - the software-carpentry Blog. - the Mozilla Science Lab Blog.

I’ll up date the post as I feel like it and when i have more stuff to share…

Written on June 20, 2015