eReefs Satellite Data Workshop - Townsville

Today I’m teaching at the first Bureau of Meteorology eReefs satellite data training workshop in Townsville QLD. I’ve spent the last week or so preparing and putting together a sensible (hopefully) series of short lessons.

Townsville Reef HQ

During my prep I borrowed heavily from the style of the Software-Carpentry training material and I even set up a workshop webpage by bastardising a blog template and hosted it on GitHub.

Unfortunately, I had no idea what level my audience was at before I created the material and I only had 4 hours to cram in what felt like two days worth of material. My solution - pitch to the lowest common level and provide lots of extra reading material for the students to take away to use as reference later.

Thank you software carpentry instructor training (and Bill Mills/Damien Irving) for building my confidence to teach scientific computing/data science out in the open.

Written on June 10, 2015