Hi, I'm Rob. I'm a Biological Oceanographer and Data Scientist.

I've spent the last decade working on projects where Marine Science and Data Science collide. For the last little while my work has been focused on the use and development of tailored satellite remote sensing methods for Australian coastal waters.

There are two core elements at the centre of all my work. Firstly, the microscopic life that lives in the sea - the phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are the small microscopic plants responsible for almost half the photosynthesis and primary production on our planet. Through photosynthesis these tiny organisms produce oxygen and soak up carbon in every body of water on earth. Consider that the oxygen in every second breath we take comes from phytoplankton and their vital importance to our everyday lives and the health of the planet becomes apparent. Secondly, the drive to make data intensive science practical through progressing scientific software engineering and the operationalisation of emerging research into useful and reusable things.

Let's chat: robtheoceanographer@gmail.com