Hi, I'm Rob. I'm a Phytoplankton Ecologist and Biological Oceanographer.

I wake up every day inspired to inquire about the world so that I can contribute to our understanding and to improving the lives of all people.

I believe that science is capable of incredible things… if it is made useful to people and communities. I am at my best when bringing quantitative ecological research to bear on useful and practical problems for our community. This is who I am.

My work is focused on the microscopic life that lives in the sea - the phytoplankton. Phytoplankton are the small microscopic plants responsible for almost half the photosynthesis and primary production on our planet. Through photosynthesis these tiny organisms produce oxygen and soak up carbon in every body of water on earth. Consider that the oxygen in every second breath we take comes from phytoplankton and their vital importance to our everyday lives and the health of the planet becomes apparent.

I also like computers.

Let's chat: robtheoceanographer@gmail.com